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Policy-Based Governance Q&A's #3

From: John Gill


How will the Board maintain its legal or fiduciary responsibilities under Policy-Based Governance? 
The board will be apprised regularly as to the church's financial situation as part of its monthly monitoring function. Further, the Chief of Staff will have responsibility for the nuts-and-bolts drafting of the budget, with input from the Congregation, Circle Coordinators, Committees, ministry leaders and staff.  The Board will continue to review the overall budget to ensure that it is reflective of the Church's Mission, values, By-Laws and policies, and will be responsible for approving Horizon's annual budget for submission to the congregation for final approval. After congregational approval, the policies that limit the activities of the Chief of Staff will provide important legal safeguards. As part of these limitations, the Board will continue to be involved in large or special decisions, those that typically fall outside of the operating budget. The Board will continue to review monthly reports of our revenue and expenses to assure we are operating within the limits approved by the Church when it set the year's budget.

Will a board using Policy-Based Governance still listen to me? 
Absolutely! Policy-Based Governance not only frees the board to spend more time listening, but actually requires it! The Board is effective only as long as it represents the congregation and listens actively to its hopes, dreams, and concerns. The Horizon Board is always seeking ideas, feedback, and priorities. It communicates with the congregation through the website, the weekly newsletter, board meetings, congregational forums, one-on-one conversations, and other means. Because Policy-Based Governance separates the role of the Board from operating issues, the Board may act as a facilitator to connect congregants and their needs with the right staff or committee. 
How do Members get involved in Policy-Based Governance?

Members of the congregation participate at every level of governance. Collectively and individually, we each let the Board, Senior Minister and Circle Coordinators know what we think is most important to us. Being involved and actively sharing our time, talents and opinions is fundamental to any UU church. By sharing with one another we gain perspective to envision how the church should act in our congregational and community life.

Members elect and may serve on the Board. The Chief of Staff, with support of the Circle Coordinators, interprets the 
vision of the congregation and sets the framework for the church's work. 

Can you say more about the role of the Minister as Chief of Staff in Policy-Based Governance?
In Policy-Based Governance, the Chief of Staff's role is to support and manage the work of our Circle Coordinators and our professional staff, and through them our committees and volunteers. The Board delegates authority and responsibility to the Chief of Staff and that responsibility moves downward to those most directly doing the work. Accountability moves back up in the other direction, and the Chief of Staff, will regularly report to the Board on the activities of the church with regard to defined goals and report any issues warranting Board attention.

 The Board and our Interim Minister are working together very closely to ensure that we are both comfortable with and supportive of our transition to Policy-Based Governance and to keep all of our congregation fully apprised of our progress. 
How does the Board feel about Policy-Based Governance?
We are excited! Learning about Policy-Based Governance has been an illuminating and positive process for the Board. We think this is a great direction for Horizon. This renewed focus will allow us all to produce even more great work and strengthen our congregational focus and place in the wider community. We recognize that, as your elected Board, we serve each of you, and this is your church. If there's anything we can do to further your understanding of these updates or the promises they provide for all of us, please don't hesitate to ask.  



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