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Who's on First???

Are you confused about the changes to how things get done at Horizon? Ever wonder who to ask when you have a question? Plagued by pesky uncertainties about the role of the board, the circle coordinators, the staff, volunteers, or the minister???? Join us Saturday, December 6 from 9:00am – 12:00pm for our Who’s on First workshop. Rev. Helen and the Circle Coordinators will lead participants through a round of discussions and presentations designed to help clear up some of that confusion. The workshop will also include an overview of policy-style governance. 


Horizon’s Transition Team
The Next Steps 

Horizon is about to meet our Interim Minister, Reverend Helen Carroll, and to welcome her with great expectancy and with as many different ideas about how our transition will progress as there are members and friends of our religious community. Reverend Carroll wants to hear them all, from your experience of Horizon’s history, your awareness of our strengths and weaknesses as you see them right now, to your dreams for our future. 

The Board of Trustees has appointed the Transition Team members. They are Beth Bargar, JuLane, MC MeadorMadira McKee, Acie Nobles, and Patsy Roe, all long-time Horizon members who have played many different leadership roles.  Working with Reverend Carroll, they will be taking the lead in projects and activities designed to help carry out interim tasks.



Horizon Unitarian Universalist Church encourages you to attend
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Sunday, December 14

The Sounds of Christmas 

Rev. Helen Carroll 

Carols are among the oldest music still performed; ther were popular communal songs which began as circle dances in 12th-century Europe. In the 15th and 16th centuries, they evolved into "Church music" performed at services and festivals and since that time have made an important contribution to setting a spiritual mood for the holidays. This morning's service draws from that rich tradition to share with you some of the familiar sounds of the season.  


Horizon By-Laws Rewrite

At the January Congregational Meeting, Horizon s members were asked to vote on a re-write of our By-laws. A task force of current and former Board Members has talked about and worked on the rewrite for almost two years, assisted and guided by Dennis and Lyssa.

The obvious questions are: “Why?” And “Why now?” 

The answer to “Why?” is that while our current By-Laws served very well for the first half of Horizon’s 26 years, requiring only one amendment in 1996, they have become cumbersome during our second 13 years, requiring 8 amendments. 

Sunday Services at Horizon UU

Horizon encourages you to attend weekly worship here within your community, on Sundays at 10:30 am

Future Sunday Services


December 21, 2014

Rev. Helen Carroll

Searching Through the Darkness

In the midst of holiday celebrations is the reminder that the Solstice is upon us. A sacred time for people around the world, a time, as Rev. Judith Meyer has said, that began in "fear and wonder". Ancient peoples were tied to the cycles of the season, honoring the natural world in a dance of myth and magic. And even in a 21st century world, the cycle of the seasons continues to unfold.

December 24, 2014 at 7:00 pm

Rev. Helen Carroll

Lessons and Carols for Christmas Eve

As civil right leader and theologian Howard Thurman reminds us, the Christmas season is a time of joy despite all sadness, a time of hope where despair keeps watch, a time of courage where fear is ever present, and a time of peace for tempest-tossed days. On Christmas Eve we gather to remember the spirit of the season. In this service of readings, reflections and seasonal music we'll celebrate the themes of Christmas within our lives, our community and our world. 

December 28, 2014

Eileen Terrell

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